UX / UI Design, Radiant Services Dashboard

Design the total dashboard for An ERP software to manage different processes on Radiant Industrial Laundry based in California, US.


Radiant Industrial Laundry

My Role

I was the designer of the total dashboard of a big laundry company in the US, Main areas of responsibility:
– UX analysis (data structure and user needs)
– Lo-fi prototyping (Wireframe and prototype)
– Design (responsive website)

Dashboard UX Design

Project Summary

Using software to track different states of work and customers is a common practice in businesses large and small. In this project, I decided to start researching the project and the users ( Both Specialist and managers ) because this dashboard need to show and handle the data for both sides. It helps the users to have a glimpse view of the system.

The challenge

How can I improve our current dashboard to show the most important data to analyze the baskets and their weight, the Overall view of manifesting tickets and so many other major data to have a good view of the system? In the all-hand data, The users need to see how many damaged cards they have and it’s so important to compare the analytic data on some sections like net Out/In.

Who are the users

The users are managers of the system and also all employers in the factory and workshop who work on thousands of sheets and dress for laundry and their who caring the cards and tickets.

Dashboard UX Design

Dashboard UX Design


I analyzed the current structure of the interface. I gathered usage and engagement data from the current experience. I collected many successful and unsuccessful examples of this experience from other apps to perform a competitive analysis.

    Context study
    User pain points
  • Collaboration
    Developer team
    product team
    Stakeholder reviews
    Field testing
    System analysic

After finding out about the project and having meetings with developers and gathering the data from users to understand the data majority in this industry then we find a list of important things that should be shown up and have good access to an overview of the system status.

I start to design a wireframe to find a good layout and sort for data, it was so necessary to get the point in one view. Finding the right status was so important because sometimes the system can’t get the data, so we need to create a good toast for users and show them the system goes wrong and need to reload the data.

Product UX Dashboard Design

Product UX Dashboard Design

– Research Methods –

Market Research:

We studied research conducted by the EPR solutions, Some key results of this study showed that though old local systems are the main software were used a lot. So we should be careful about the visualization and the universal design language.

Usability Testing:

I conducted my own usability test because research resources were unavailable so much. I apprenticed with research to develop a protocol and mechanism to analyze results.

Dashboard UX Design

Dashboard UX Design


The new total dashboard has all important data on it and shows it up on the right and good hierarchy by the industry data structure, Also, This system handles the bad loading data, so much of feedback from users was about the bad loading, As a result of testing on mid-fidelity prototypes, we separated the data structure at the database connection. Now users can reload the data just for a place, not the whole page.

Now the system has its own programming and data hierarchy for managers and users. All the data shows so right and competitively. The bad loading issue has a good way to reload the data. We consider long-time errors that may happen for a section or whole page, and we decided to have a feedback system for users to communicate with the developers and report their issues.