The blog section is my way of writing some articles about my projects and sharing what’s new with you. Here I also share some of my personal blog posts about traveling, books I read, and more.

Understandable UI Design

It's better to have a clean and commented design to get more understandable on projects, So for this ...

Creativity and Quality in Projects

It's so important to have both of them in any project. so many companies and people who hired someone to do anything ...

My NFT projects on OBJCKT and Xarb

What are NFTs and Tezos platforms about minting your art? and check out my collections.

Art make us to learn communicate

In this Article you know about the old artist and cave painting and how we humans learn to communicate and grow as socity.

know me more on Social Medias

Hello, as you see my name is Adrin, here I want to introduce myself a little bit and share my social media links.