Product Design, Booking Website

Design the whole product from zero to hundred, All research and UX design to Visualization of the product.


Hotelingo Booking Website

My Role

I was the Product Designer, My responsibilities:
– Market Research
– Involved with R&D for Featuring the product
– UX Design ( Analysis – Wireframe – Prototype )
– UI / Visual Design (responsive website – Layout – Iconic design)

Dashboard UX Design

Project Summary

Renting hotels or booking rooms is a common thing in this world, so many travelers go for the trip and take the tours for having guidance for their entire trip. Imagine you are in the town and you travel by yourself, as a Solo hiker, or on any kinda group trip except the tour style. It may be at night or daylight, you need to rent your room very fast, Here it’s, the major Point of Hotelingo, The flow are so easy to find a good room in the very fast way you experienced before.
Also, do you like Tours, But do all of them like each other? Surprise, this is one of the features, we called Random tour, you pick your area, Boom! we find you a great tour by your likes and trips or book a place, you did before.

The challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was, creating a fast flow to booking a good and suitable room/hotel. It takes a lot to research and redesigns the structure of user flow, to find the best place in less time compared to other competitors. after that, we have another important feature that we want to make bold, but not as the Main feature. it needs to find a good hierarchy and user eye direction to reach the tour feature.


I analyzed so many booking websites and also tour providers, but all of them have a bad UX and Visualization which turn the user to be frustrated. So creating a good and easy flow for booking your hotel, Or taking a surprise adventure can cheer you up. You go to the tour page, and click on the random tour, Boom! you got your surprise tour, with awesome new friends you go to find.

    Context study
    User pain points
    Competitors review
  • Collaboration
    Developer team
    Product managers
    Stakeholder reviews
    Field testing
    System analysis

Also, Users love to have customized things, like watches, Phones, Jewelry, or anything, Now we create a section for the Tour feature, Called “Custom Tour”. you can start to arrange a brilliant and customized tour for yourself and your family. Do you like to go to Africa on the special path you pick? Done! Do you want to go to Paris after that to England and then go to Everest? No problem, Done!

– Research Methods –


Comparing more than 7 competitors gives us a good vision from zero to hundred of a booking project. In this research I try to understand the user’s real issue and the flow of renting a room, These things help me to find the best things that users needs and how we can make the rent flow so fast.

Market Research: of course, market research was the first thing we do, I create a priority of researching on market and also create a mood board from 8 other booking websites.

Usability Testing: I conducted my own usability test because research resources were unavailable so much. but the US team arrange a meeting with a couple of people for real user testing to have a good view of the prototype.

Visualization / User Interface

Modern results need to be designed as a modern solution with a stunning look. If you create a master tool, but it looks terrible, be sure you get no users to use that tool, even when they need that. Users don’t trust a lot of undesigned things.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Booking UI Design


Booking UI Design

Mobile First UI Design
checkout UI Design


After working for more than 4 months on this project, solving so many problems, finding new ways to present the features, and creating good flows for being fast enough, we got our result so clearly.

By testing the usability and small details of the system with real users, Now we know, it takes fewer than five minutes for users to book a place. Amazing! So much testing and reviewing and gathering feedback helps us to create a system that not needs education and tip to use, We know it because before the prototyping our pre-call testing users give us so much feedback about ‘How can I fill my data’ or ‘How can I check the tours’ and other problems. We no longer have any of them. Awesome!

Faster is better. One of the major problems of booking websites is the pages have too much data with so many comments or images and programming queries. In Hotelingo, I try to handle it by prioritizing and outlining the content we need to show to users for booking a Room or setting a Tour. Boom! Make it fast even with pruning the data on pages, we want users to reach our services quickly.