Visual Design, NFT Marketplace Website

Design the Visual part of This marketplace, From UI, Graphical items and 3D designs.

NFT Marketplace Visual Design

NFT Marketplace Visual Design

Why New and Modern Layout

NFTs are so new in this world. so having good creativity in anything in this industry is so good and important. it’s better to have a good combination of data and images. because more information and data on this kind of website are Images.

All artists come to sell their art, so another thing in this particular case is how to manage content and layout to show all information but Images and boxes get bolder for a better presentation of art., with the new layout style, users can understand and know where are the arts, where the artists and more.

In the second part of the landing page, I try to have good creativity for the show and introduce the top artists of the month or day. we have something called, motions in UX, and these users get tingled around the orbit of the 3D planet.

NFT Market Place UI Design

NFT Market Place UI Design

3D Blender Design

3D Design

I start to design some 3d planets for this project. it could be out-source for some projects but, in this case, I want to try it by myself and I did it. After searching about planets and finding some weird ones. I try to re-make them in Blender software and that was so cool and great at the same time.

all the website design on lines. Lines can help the user to go through the way you want. it can be like a road map for users to follow the structure and the data. with this method and composition of the sections. you can show so easily the all data you want by the hierarchy of value.

for example. by the first look, you will see who we are, and immediately you will find out about a bid of the art.



In this project after re-searching about these kinds of websites and creating a big mood board of other projects and websites, I find out it’s so good to use less color but strong ones.

I want to go with Red and Orange because these are so strong and so clean to combine with each other. and when I need a good and big contrast to get attention on the side, I can do it so easily with good and passionate colors.

After color, the most important thing is The Font. The font should be readable and legible. legibility can affect the users to read more about texts and contents instead of concentrating on small and useful data




Visual NFT Market place design

Visual NFT Market place design

Also, you can see a video that I made for introducing the project.

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