My NFT projects on OBJCKT and Xarb

Hello, in this world artistic things changed a little bit, like the arts themselves and how people start to buy or sell them. With smart contracts, people can sign their art on this cryptosystem, then, poof your art is signed as your name on it on big smart chain and smart contracts platforms. so NFTs come out, you can create your own art like music, pictures, images, videos, and 3D objects, and you can upload it on a platform like FoundationApp, OpeanSea, OBJKT, Xarb, and more and more.


For Collecting this NFT, Check out my OBJKT profile.

Some of these platforms work with Ethereum crypto but some of them work with other smart contracts systems like Tezos or Polygon.

About a year ago I started to design some art for my NFT collections, I create collections named “Freak Planet”  and “Stuck in Border”. and some of them aren’t in any collection and I sell them One by One.  Like my Golden Teacher Project. now you can see my NFTs and my profiles and you can buy or collect which one of you want.

Here it’s, my OBJKT profile for purchasing NFTs, My Profile for Purchasing by ETH, My Profile for Stuck in Border Collection, and finally my Rarible Profile for buying my Freak Planet Collection.

If you don’t know anything about Cryptocurrency and NFTs, I recommended to you go search for them. you find out the world going this way and about Ten Years later you just saw cryptocurrency and NFTs everywhere.