Golden Teacher NFT Project

Specific art piece about a universal vibe to guide us in any way we want. this Art has so many easter eggs in it and talks with you about the all ways you can go and portals to other dimensions. you chose the right bright side for yourself.

handle the parts and connect them to each other to see what happened beyond the sky, as they say, As above So below.

Golden Teacher is an Art piece of modern line art style and I’m telling many stories about our universe and life forces in it. This Art has so many easter Eggs on it and you can see more detail of the Art Project in this

Golden Teacher NFT project

Line Art Design

Stunning Colorful

This art has four styles of coloring, First of all, is Black and White, After that, Roshan Coloring, Deep Brown, and after all, we got special coloring, Golden Blue. I got all colors from nature itself, After photographing more than 100 Photos from different times of day and more than 39 Items and elements, I create these pallets.

NFT Project - Golden Teacher

line art and digital illustration

Separated but bonded

Each part has its own story for itself. so many easter-egg hidden in this art piece and you can find them and discover what it says. all parts connect to nature and our universe forces. If you purchase it you get a PDF of all explanations.

after the pdf you get 2 motion graphical videos of this project with separate scenarios, Also you get all coloring Golden teacher NFT files for printing and hanging on your room wall or your gallery. this opportunity and all these files are just for 0.369 ETH on the foundation platform, you can read more on my Behance and

golden teacher NFT

golden teacher NFT

More and More, Let’s watch some “Motions” and Mockups

Golden Teacher NFT sample

Golden Teacher NFT sample


after all, you can purchase this NFT for just 0.369 ETH on platform or you can see my all NFT projects on OBJCK , and my cool Freak Planets on