Creativity and Quality in Projects

Hi there, How are you today? Hope be good and fantastic. In this article, I want to talk about Creativity and Quality in Projects. It’s so important to have both of them in any project. so many companies and people who hired someone to do anything, expect to anybody give them quality and creativity at the same time. so why do companies want it and why somebody should have this ability, to provide quality and creativity at the same time, is it good or not? let’s talk about it.

One of the things which companies want from their employers is having fast work talent and bringing quality and creativity. so it’s so fantastic and good, it’s awesome but, when a person can provide it for companies, and is it good to have all of it for a company? I wanna say No! Why? we have so many types of personalities who have so much talent for creating amazing crafts or design elements of a UI or a person who can digitally paint so easily with a great and amazing look. maybe these people can do what they do so perfectly and maybe sometimes so faster than other people but, it can’t be the reason for them to have a great mind for creativity. as they are doing their work, some people own creative and fresh ideas minds, who can’t design or maybe paint on an iPad, but he/she has a great mind to create something that doesn’t exist at all. these people are not separate from each other.

So if any company tries to force the employers to be fast workers and awesome executors besides being creative and colored minds. it can affect workers and the company itself actually. so it’s good for companies to find someone to lead the team as a director for creativity and ideas and Sr, juniors for design and executors the idea on the best quality as they can. so if you are a company, don’t look for someone who knows all the knowledge and brings the creativity as junior or fewer prices, be sure you pay more than you think for problems come in future.


What is Creativity

Creativity and Quality in Projects

I don’t want to talk so much about what is creativity actually and how this can be done manually or in provocation for any projects. even how people can be more creative than others or bring it into the project.

Creativity has so many aspects. you can use it in any and everywhere you can, for example, you can be creative as an engineer and solve problems so creatively with new visions and solutions. or you can be a UI designer who wants to create a landing page or an application for mobile with so much creativity in it. but is it good or not?

I think creativity is a big and powerful weapon for those who have it. so if you want to use it in any project you must know and analyze all aspects of the result that can show and create effects. so if you want to use it in any project, I recommend you to talk with a Sr. or some guy who has more experience than you to get more advice and the road to how you should use it in your work to be not bad in situations may come. um, If you work in big companies and want to create a creative solution or a design. it’s better to talk with Art Director or creative director and have a brainstorming for it.

But, What is creativity in projects? In my mind, creativity is, finding and designing ideas in a very new way, I don’t mean to delete all data and knowledge you have about to use in standards, but use all tools and standards you have, then try to create something creative and new. something good and awesome that users don’t see before and it works in a very unique way for those problems or situations.


What is Quality

Creativity and Quality in Projects

So many people think the quality is a state of a product that has so much good and best material in it and durability of initial performance. but this is the result of quality, not quality itself, by the way, this is how people know about the quality of the products and describe a high-quality product, which has a long life and provides good performance after using it for so much time. OK, now we know what the result of quality is, But let’s talk about how quality can be created and used in any product.

Let me start my words by asking this question, Who can create a good and high-quality product? This question has so easy and simple answer, “Who Has a lot of experience and uses good & high based material”. Someone can create and design a good & high-quality product did that work for a long time, absolutely that person knows the good materials ( yes this is important to know the material itself if you don’t know about materials and their qualities, of course, you can’t pick the right material for your work ), After this, That person knows, must to looking for good tools and how should combine the materials to creating a good and high-quality product. this situation needs so many experiences and close work with the material and tools too.

So you see Quality and Creativity have so much different from each other, but, if you bring these two sides to each other, you can create a product that has so much happy customers and good results for sure.

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