Art make us to learn communicate

Maybe you touched weird feelings when you looking at an art piece or when you creating art, It’s could be fair, or you got bored at the moment, something you get freaking and you don’t know what’s going on here but it depends to a lot of things and you can find the answers inside of your head and mind. you are feeling something special from last and old periods like feeling and watching an artist smashing the colors to draw something incredible.

Old Art and Basic of Language for Comunication.

Egyptian holograph

it’s our historical behind, at old times people who can draw a scene or paint canvas do boasting themselves. some people hold a sermon of art to share their values of them with the population. so we learn to communicate by drawing things on the cave wall it could be better if I said, we learn to communicate by basics of our new art manner. So, Art always helps us to improve ourselves for years and decades. how does it happen?

In old times people need guys to draw and create figures or some special paints of bible stories, so mostly old-time artists work for churches to create stunning paint for churches’ walls. when people get there to pray as usual they saw what artists or painters create and draw on the walls. then people realized art is so special for the mind to learn and see what happened in a special time. this method of learning is so old and ancient to humans. we have so many hands drawing on the cave walls to say be careful here has a beer or a danger waiting for at this moment, so we used art for talking and writing. it’s being of the language and communication revolution and this process gets so far and has an expensive history behind it. So now we can say, that old art saves our lives and helps us to grow and get away from danger.

Cave Drawing

Even we think our oldest guys are so stupid and dum in communication and have no mean in draws but, They know so many things and share what other people need to know. imagine a cave paint. you just see a Mammoth and a bunch of men on it, but this painting show you so much strategy and methods. like, you should get the Mammoth alone, you need how many people to take it down. and the good strategy, 2 people stand in front, 2 in back, and 1 beside. they have a lancer, not a rock or stick. then you know you should use which weapon you should attack this animal.

See they are not so dumb now. it’s the perception of ourselves.

For years so many Artistic objects and paint are around the world and when we look at them, we think to ourselves, what happened when this masterpiece was created and what he/she wants to say to us with this specific and particular art. After all, we continually use art and aesthetics for anything we used as Cars, Phones, Furniture and so many many things. So it’s our duty to watch, help and grow up art and aesthetics because they help us again and again in the future.

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