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Professional and Modern Portfolio Design with Foundation framework. go and explore more about the project.

Professional Portfolio Website

Professional Portfolio Website

How We Should Manage The Data Structure

A website always plays as an online and all-time available presentation of your services or your personal branding. maybe some of them have less data than e-commerce or news website but, these fewer data are so important and should be so shiny in one-page scrolling.

Some ways and methods are used by so many designers, like the “Z” way or T way, to create objects on an eye-catchy line on the page.  so far of this, we have some fundamental things in design and sketching on balance lines.

I thought if I use the new partition line look for elements but show them and express them with good contrast to the original content materials. like by the first look, you see a big title for a good catching phrase ” Magic Work Here” and the hierarchy helps to read the next step and next & next.

Mobile-First Design

I try to use less content with more typography and used hierarchy in the typography part. of course, the slogans have so potential to deliver the message you want at first. But a good copy is not enough at all. if you have good tools, but it looks not good, Um. it’s gonna be not all right and of course, you get not many customers for that.

Let’s check out about Mobile-first design method which I used on this website. To understand the concept of mobile-first design better, you should know the two phrases below first. Responsive Web Design, Progressive Advancement. for know more I recommend reading this article on Medium.

Progressive Advancement means that when we design a product, first we build a version for the relatively lower browser (like that on a mobile phone). This version includes the most basic functions & features. After that, we tend to the advanced version for a tablet or PC, which is created by adding interactions, more complicated effects, etc. on the basic version for a better user experience.

UI Showcase Mockup Pack by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Minimal and modern Portfolio website

Static and Framework

I start to learn and read about a framework called Foundation by ZURB company. this framework is so great and these are some of the reasons why I chose to learn it and use it in my projects.

Foundation was the first responsive framework, and it permeates every aspect of the framework. Build for every device with ease. From the underlying code to plugins, to everything around Foundation, we’ve built it to be faster than ever before.

Foundation is written with humans in mind and is easy to read even if you don’t know much code. Foundation is built with small devices as a priority and goes up from there.

Portfolio Minimal Design

Portfolio Minimal Design

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