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Adrin Alinejad Portfolio website

Portfolio website

Sketching and Design

At first, I start to write down to know what I want from this website. who I am? what do I do? and the final question was how do I do? Then I start to the road the path to getting attention first, with a big slogan about what I believed in real. when I get their eyes on the move I tell the user Who I am and what skill I have for doing about the above slogan.

It would be so great to talk about myself because when you know me and how my passions work, you can get more connections and know how can I think about the projects. after this, I put the projects in your way, and now users can see exactly what was I talking about in my skills on top. here the magic happened and my case studies going to show themselves.

After this, it’s time for a big cycle of information I love to share with others like my personal projects and some blog posts and articles about myself and what I read and study.

Good website design and research

Color and Typography

I love the clear sky, it seems to be a dream. I love to think about dreams and dreams coming true. Normal blue color or one of the deep grades of blue color may create some solid and static feel. make you think about sad things or make you feel so safe. I love colors and blue is one of my favorites.

For cleansing the sad part of the feeling I try to add some white color to it and make it bright. then it’s steel feel safe and more fun and more clear to see, to touch. after all, this shade of blue color makes the atmosphere so minimalistic and so sharp with no harmful feel to the eyes or gets more attention by the deep color interrupting in minimal black and white environment.

For the font part, I start to create a list of very handy and powerful websites for getting more information on the font types. after that, I check google Fonts for the best fonts that I like and can use for this portfolio website, with eye-catching title font and good legible font for body sections and copy parts. it’s perfect to have good typography for your copies.

Break the rolls for doing something elegant. it’s the way of happiness.

Static and Framework

I start to learn and read about a framework called Foundation by ZURB company. this framework is so great and these are some of the reasons why I chose to learn it and use it in my projects.

Foundation was the first responsive framework, and it permeates every aspect of the framework. Build for every device with ease. From the underlying code to plugins, to everything around Foundation, we’ve built it to be faster than ever before.

Foundation is written with humans in mind and is easy to read even if you don’t know much code. Foundation is built with small devices as a priority and goes up from there.

minimal portfolio website design

minimal portfolio website design

3D Design for Contact page

I think it could be so attentional to design another style for the contact page, it can create a good shock when users come and visit the contact page. for creating more contrast I try to use whole colors covering the landing part and create some 3D objects for making balance between the colorful landmark and objective section.

If you like this project, you have a Great Idea, and you are looking for someone who can design your idea as well as possible, just click on the contact link on the navigation menu and just send an email and say hi.

3D render Abstract Objects

Feel Free to Get in Touch

Feel Free to get in touch for a new great and amazing project. let’s talk together on the contact page or send me an email on adrinxco[at]Gmail.com