Little more about me

My name is Adrin and I am senior UX/ Product designer. during the past years, I have dedicated my professional life to designing and creating products that are user-friendly and joyful for users to experience. and meanwhile, I tried to help creative teams to grow and reach their high potential creativity and capability. working with big and small companies gives me a deep understanding of the UX/Product design process and importance of visual design.

My hobbies lie in the field of arts. I truly believe that design is the knowledge of combining art and materials to create ideas, which could be digital or physical. To be able to do it on a higher level, I decided to educate myself within different mediums of art and cultural knowledge such as motions, photography, cultural bias, and psychology of users in UX.

Reading and traveling are the other activities I would like to do when I don't design. they help me broaden my vision and grow my skills in profound ways.

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Senior Product Designer - Apr 2022 - Dec 2022
  • Analyzing user needs and product features.
  • Creating so many concepts for new ideas.
  • Working on user flow and user experience on the main product.
  • Responsible for application UI / UX (both sides).
  • Visual designs such as (digital motions, icons and etc).
  • Align the other designers with the design system and guides.
  • Improving the design system.
  • Working Cross-function with different teams at the same time.


Multidisciplinary Designer - Apr 2018 - 2022 / (Contract Based)
  • Designing more than 10 responsive website (0 to 100, UX / UI / Visuals).
  • Working on 3 branding.
  • Consulting for more than 10 products in financial, booking, and other categories.
  • Motion and visual designs.
  • Working and communication close with programmers and developers.

TAG Agency

Product Designer - Apr 2017 - Jun 2019 / Part Time
  • Full responsible for AdorStyle website project (0 to 100 - user research, flow, wireframes, and visual designs).
  • Designing the 8 specific luxury style landing pages for AdorStyle category production.
  • Full responsible for Giftamoon product (0 to 100 - user research, flow, wireframes, prototype, visual designs, and usability tests).

Sharp Studio

Visual & UI/UX Designer - Sep 2017 - Apr 2019 / Part Time
  • Design responsive website and visuals for a big factory.
  • Design more than 4 brands' style guides.
  • Consulting for more than 3 physical and digital products.


UI designer / Front-End - Sep 2013 - Oct 2017
  • Designing hero section, footer and mega menu of the website (including research and tests).
  • Full responsible for all marketing landing pages. designed more than 50 landing pages (0 to 100).
  • Designing so many digital banners for promotions and email marketing.

Short-Term Contracts

Mark it Done

Design Director - Dec 2022 - Feb 2023
  • Design a strategy for new year resolution.
  • Managing and scale up the design team.
  • Optimizing the operation process.
  • Oversee and prepare proposals for clients.
  • Lead the team in the projects.

Rabex (Cryptocurrency exchange)

Senior Product Designer - March 2022 - Apr 2022
  • Design a road map for the product.
  • Coaching the design team.
  • Redesign the whole UX of the web app.
  • Oversee the brand identity design process.

Blob Studio

Design Director - Jan 2022 - March 2022
  • Design a strategi for servicing.
  • Hiring the new design team members.
  • UX consultation on (in house products).
  • Optimizing the operation process.

What They Say

  • Adrin has been working as a Product Designer at our company. Having worked with him on many projects, I must say he is a great Designer. his work is always outstanding, and he always goes the extra mile to ensure the company standards and client requirements are met. he is a highly-skilled, experienced, and helpful professional with a positive attitude. Working with Adrin has been a great experience for me as I learned many hard and soft skills from him. Thanks, Adrin.”

    Atiyeh Ghane
  • Adrin is a talented UX designer who consistently creates intuitive and user-centered designs. Their attention to detail and ability to understand the needs of the target audience result in well-received and effective designs. Adrin is a great communicator and a valuable member of any design team.

    Marcos Veiga
  • Adrin has a proven track record of success in product design, consistently delivering high-quality designs that meet or exceed expectations. Additionally, Adrin is not afraid to push projects to their limits, always striving to find new and innovative solutions.

    Amirreza Mojaveri

Looking for More? Glad to see.

In my personal life, I'm so life passionate. I have experiences such as camping in Deserts, Jungles, Mountains, and Fields with basic camping tools for more than 300 times, Conquering more than 4 high peaks in Iran. Also, I like photography, So I have taken many pictures from the night sky and daylight too, But more from the night, I love the peace and ease of the clear night. Night skies have so many stories with billions of stars in them, those shiny dots.

If I want to say something more about myself, I would go with my books. I wrote and published a book named "Salvation in Standpoint", It's about Self development and Philosophy. Published more than 500, and we are going for 500 more. Also, I have 2 other books in the row with the names "Trip into the Deep" and "Unnamed".

I was a Design mentor on Startup Weekends about 6 times, in different cities in Iran and I talked and collaborate with more than 730 creative and passionate people. Also, I was an HTML5 Canvas workshop teacher at the Mozilla Maker Party in Zanjan city by Mozilla Firefox. Those are marvelous and remarkable memories in my life, I proud to be involved with a big community that tries every day to grow.

  • Landscape photo of snow and trees

    Landscape Photography, Winter is here, Nikon D610

  • Nightscape Photography of starts on mountains

    Star Trail Photography, 2:30 AM, Nikon D610

  • dam and mountains

    Alavian Dam, Wonderful silence, Nikon D610

  • Maranjab Caravanserai

    Maranjab Caravanserai, 1 AM, Nikon D610

At the end, I love to have conversation with people and learn every day and get more experiences in my life. Life without challenges is more like a dead body with motions.