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Adrin Alinejad
Designing Products that Inspire and Empower

Hi, I'm an expert product designer. I have more than +7 years of dedicated experience as a product and visual designer. I worked with big and small companies with a variety of projects, and these years of experience in design and leading, helped me to find many visions and knowledge in visual and product design. Meanwhile, I try to help creative teams to grow and reach their high potential creativity and capability.

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Case Studies

Running application UX design

Responsibilities: Lead UX Design, Design the strategy, UX Research

Product Design, Running Application

Design some parts of the application with a team, All research and UX design to Visualization of the product.

Booking Product Design Booking web site product design

Responsibilities: Research, UX Design, Visual & Responsive Design

Product Design, Booking Website

Design the whole Booking Product from zero to hundred, All research and UX design to Visualization of the product.

dashboard UX design Dashboard UI UX Design

Responsibilities: Prototyping, UX Design, UI Design

UX / UI Design, Radiant Services Dashboard

Design the total dashboard for An ERP software to manage different processes on Radiant Industrial Laundry based in California, US.

You can find more Visual and Project designs on my Dribbble and Behance.

Arts & Designs

Personal Projects

Riva Kit Design System Riva Kit Design system character

Responsibilities: Creating Whole Design System

Riva Kit, Light and free Design System

In this personal project, I try to design a whole design system, which that is free for download. This design system is light but rich and smart.

Visual art design Golden Teacher NFT Project

Responsibilities: Study, Sketching, Visual Design, MotionGraphics

Golden Teacher NFT Project

Stunning and Mysteries NFT, Called Golden Teacher, in this NFT package I provide 2 motion graphics, 4 colors, and 1 PDF to explain all the art.


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